Course description

Delve into the heart of electronics repair with our specialized course, 'Advanced Power Supply Techniques.' This hands-on program is tailored for enthusiasts and professionals seeking mastery in utilizing power supplies for effective electronic diagnostics and repair. From voltage regulation to component-level troubleshooting, participants will acquire in-depth knowledge and practical skills to confidently tackle a spectrum of electronic issues. Join us on this transformative journey and empower yourself to excel in the dynamic field of electronics repair.

What will i learn?

  • Troubleshooting Expertise
  • Effective Diagnostics


  • Having a power supply and some PCB's to test

Frequently asked question

This course is designed for electronics enthusiasts, technicians, and professionals involved in electronics repair who wish to deepen their understanding and proficiency in utilizing power supplies.

Participants will learn advanced techniques for using power supplies in electronics repair, covering topics such as voltage regulation, current limitations, troubleshooting, and effective diagnostics.

While there are no strict prerequisites, a basic understanding of electronics fundamentals is recommended for optimal learning.





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